Carmine Iacolare  - Artist 

Hey Carmine, nice to have the opportunity to talk to you. 


Give us a first introduction to who you are and what you do. 


My name is Carmine Antonio Iacolare. Born and raised in Traunstein, Bavaria. 

I’m living and working. 


Working on what?


Working on different ideas, different thoughts. 

I want to develop them in the future. To be honest, I feel like I haven’t really started. 


What materials do you usually use?


I would say there is no specific material. 

Or there are a lot of different materials, sometimes I work with the given materials. 

To be somehow finished, although its never finished. 

I paint, I do photographs, performance & object so there is no specific material or way to showcase my doing. 


How has the isolation during Covid19 influenced your art? 


To be honest not really. 

I worked even more in my little home studio.

I think the pandemic brings a lot of good and new works. 

Humans have to fit in whenever the world is changing.

A lot of good ideas come with the isolation I would say, not to say its a good thing tho.

But for our creative work its a unpredictable but acceptable situation.



What is the motor behind your work?


There is no specific motor or motivation. 

I try to motivate myself. My partner Laura gives me lots of energy, tho.



How do you deal with mental illness and how does it affect your work?


I would say I’m well balanced. Of course there is not always happiness, but my work is not really affected by my emotional state.


Whats your relationship to your location and surroundings?


I moved to Antwerpen recently. 

As I grew up on the Bavarian countryside it’s a new opportunity for my work and myself.

I feel like my new location brought me lots of more ideas and experimental opportunities. 

I invested a lot in my new studio, so the new surrounds is the start of a new chapter I would say - which has changed my work. I feel like my ideas starting to develop in Belgium. 


Between me and my friends, especially my friend Ben Neder, is a certain synergy in our creative works. He was writing some poems in my latest brochure „negative chaos“. 





Which city inspired you the most and why?


I can’t really answer that because I think if  a city is inspiring to me it’s more unconsciously. 

I always feel kind of ´home´.




Whats your definition of „success“?


That’s a good questions. For me it’s not about sales or your bank account. 

For me it’s already a huge success to bring the idea in my head „on the road“

Me working on ideas keeps me happy - and last year I realized that this is what I am probably supposed to do.


What worth or meaning has clothing to you?


I thought about that a lot of times recently. 

It had a higher meaning before - but it’s not like that anymore. 

A lot of things are „dead seen“ and done. 

Especially in Antwerpen there is a lot of luxury and it became ugly to me. 

The big names are so present - but there are so many different small names who are doing great work but don't get the room they deserve. 


I see and agree, but thats more about the fashion - what meaning has clothing to you and what are you looking for in your everyday wardrobe - especially while working?


While working I always wear my black boiler suit. It’s comfortable and I feel good working in it.

So even outside of work my clothes and shoes needs to be comfortable to me at first place. 

Sometimes I like the dirtiness in my clothes - wear and tear.

I beat up everything I have. (Laughs)


So what will be your next moves?


It’s working on a hardcover book - after I released two catalogues already.

The plan is to have a wider visual experience of my work for people to get an inside to what I’m doing and what I’ve already worked on. 


Since the pandemic situation happened I try to keep my plans simple.