Daniel Gianfranceschi - Artist 


Hey Daniel, nice to have the opportunity to talk to you.

Give us a first introduction who you are and what you do. 


Daniel Gianfranceschi, half Italian half German. Born in 1999.

I study Fashion Management and I am an artist whose primary focus is on sculptures and abstract painting. 

Actually I do all of creative things I catch interest in. Playing guitar, recording music etc. 



What materials do you usually use?


Resin, cement, acryl paint, expanding foam and cotton are the main materials. 

Plus I try to mix it with some daily materials, such as wood, paper or leather.



How has the isolation during Covid19 influenced your art? 


I had more time, for sure. But honestly I found it difficult to focus on the work and to finish a piece cause I got frustrated about the situation. It started to get chaotic but productive at the same time. 

I tried out new things, such as sketching and playing with materials to express the ideas in my head. I sat down and took the chance to do kind of a re-start and to figure out the theory behind the process of my work. 

Now there is more thought in my work than before, I guess. There is a reason why I do certain things, not just the leaving it up to chance. 



What is the motor behind your work?


I ask myself that most of the time (laughs). 

It’s expressing a feeling that I have or had, in an abstract way. Pain, being frustrated (as during that pandemic) or hope for example. 

Also the titles of my works are important. The titles are often more direct, while the result is abstract. 


For example my new work „Ich fühle mich in meiner Haut nicht wohl“. 


"Ich Fühle Mich In Meiner Haut Nicht Wohl"


200CM x 7CM x 2CM


How do you deal with mental illness and how does it affect your work?


Honestly I think a lot. Maybe the main reason or source. 

From my beginnings, no matter if its playing music or doing art, it’s about getting rid of that „you’re not good enough“ state of mind. Eversince I started creating sculptures and paintings I do not drink and smoke anymore, so it’s kind of my coping mechanism.

It’s like I empty my brain while working, no thoughts just focus on what I do in that certain moment. It’s to use the positive energy out of a negative situation. That may sound complex but I think it’s not.



Whats your relationship to your location and surroundings?


From the location, Bavaria Munich, I don't think that I am inspired by it. 

It’s more my surroundings, like the Klischee „You become the people you surrounded by“. 

When I started to surround myself with different people, not that party thing anymore, but more the productive way of thinking and living, I changed as well. 



Which city inspired you the most and why?


Tokyo. 100%. 


The architecture, the culture itself. The respect for what you are doing, the respect for time and all that. 

The people are free from comparing themselves to others. 

I think we in Germany, or the so called West, can learn a lot from those point of views.



Talking about traveling… After I visited your exhibition in Munich, which was very good curated, especially for your debut.. what is your next step and where do you plan the next exhibition?


In fact I plan to do another one in November. If it works out with that corona thing. 

I am working on a book, that includes short stories as well. This one is actually influenced by that pandemic situation. 

Also it’s inspired from Henry Rollins from the punk band „Black Flag“. Manic and absurd. Other than that, the book „Jonny got his gun“ by Dalton Trumbo and the lyricism of Swans´s frontman Michael Gira. Intense and to the point. 



What do you expect from that, just showing your art or also selling and welcoming gallerists? 


Actually all of that. 

But whats interesting to me is to show my works in a different context and atmosphere. 

To free my works in a way and have a discourse about my work. Exchange of opinions an create a certain type of energy. 



What worth or meaning has clothing to you?


It’s an abstract question, because it changed a lot. 

For me clothing is functional. I don't dress very „loud“ 

In my opinion we should give more worth to the clothes we buy and wear. What is behind those pieces. 

I try to move away from that mainstream fashion thing which is focused on trends and not on quality anymore.

Questions of „need“ and „want“ or „I want to need“. There should be a relationship between the piece and the person who wears it. 



I see you’re wearing a lot of black and also you use a lot of black in your work, so tell me about your opinion and relationship to the dark…


It kind of started around three years ago. Before I also wore colors.

Now I wear mainly black because I don't want to think about what to wear and to combine. 

I just take something and it matches the rest. 

It kind of started out of laziness. (smiles)


For the point about art, I can't really give an answer. But I always felt touched by darker art or artists who used black on white, because its straight to the point, no bullshit. 

People like Beuys or Giacometti, Franz Kline etc. 

Also because my work represents kind of a Tristesse, and the self doubting, so the message and the feelings I have are expressed best with black. 

Direct, strong and kind of brutal. 


And in the end „schwarz geht immer“ (laughs) 




Whats your definition of „success“?


To be honest with yourself, free kind of.

For me it’s not about money or the approval of others. 


We should rethink the picture our society has of success. 

It’s for yourself, not for others. 


What I do, I do for myself. 


That's a good last sentence. Thank you for your time.