Alexandru Dragomir  - Painter 



Hi Alexandru, nice to have the opportunity to talk to you. 

Give us a first introduction to who you are and what you do. 


I am Alexandru, I am an Artist and I was born in 1997 in a small City in Romania. 

In my life I do art in all kind of forms that I feel attached to. Painting, drawing, sculptures are the things that I am focused on at the moment. 



How has the isolation during Covid19 influenced your art? 


In many different aspects. In a way it opened my mind and let me see how beautiful it can be just to lay down and have a drink without doing anything else. 

For me personal it was not a huge inspiration to be alone, because I’ve been alone since always and actually this is the way I work in general. 


It did not change the style I work or my artworks. 

It just changed my point of view about the society. 



What is the motor behind your work?


Pain is the only thing that’s real. (Laughs)



What's your opinion on the art scene/industry?


It's bullshit. It's not about the artwork or the emotion anymore - it's all about the money. About the Marketing and the worth of the artists name. It's a market, like the stock market. 



What’s your relationship to your location and surroundings?


Between me and the location (Munich) is kind of a hate - love relationship. 

The city itself is beautiful and an inspirational city with a lot of history behind it, but I don't get along with the Munich people very well. 

My close circle is full of different backgrounds, different heritage. 

It’s beautiful that we all are very different in our „clique“ but in a way we are very similar because we all are working with creativity.



Which city inspired you the most and why?


It’s difficult to say because I fall in love with a city very fast. I am used to live in different cities but I would say the most inspirational one was Paris, because it made me grow mentally in many different ways. Such as creativity and humbleness. 

Also I would say my hometown gave me a lot of inspiration. It’s Sibiu in Romania. In a way of finding my roots and see the huge gap between poverty and being rich. 



What’s the feeling you get, when you’re in Sibiu?


I would say its kind of weird. I feel a deep connection for the nature in my hometown. It doesn't matter whats going on inside of me, it gives me a feeling of peace. 

On the other side it makes me sick to see how the people disrespect the nature and at first sight the animals. 



What do you mean with that?


First a lot of nature get’s killed illegal. Trees etc. 

Garbage is thrown anywhere, in the streets, in the woods, everywhere.

For example dogs are being treated as „bandogs“ to be kind of a security system, not a living individual. They don’t treat dogs respectful, just being chained in a small space and being fed. No love, no nothing. 


They beat up dogs or horses open in the streets. 


So when we talk about dogs, why you made the decision to get a dog? 


For me at the time it was a mix of loneliness and being afraid of letting new people in my life or work on the relationship to people, because I had the feeling of being pushed away from everyone. And it was my dream to have a dog since a young age. I always had a strong relationship to dogs.



If we talk about Romania, what do you see behind the political systems of „communism“ and now living in the western world in a different system?


About the „communism“ in Romania… I think it was more a dictatorship of Ceaușescu and his system. 

Of course he also did some good points for Romania, he brought Romania to another level, worldwide. 

But his hunger for power made the country suffer. The starving and the lack of food made the people do the revolution. 

I only hear about the revolution from my parents and grandparents. 

In my opinion the revolution was necessary.

The only thing I think was not okay was the killing of Ceaușescu.

Instead of fighting all the people of the system by law they killed him. Until today there are still some people of his circle who have power. I think he was kind of the „Bauernopfer“ - „farmer victims“ if you can say so. 

For example Liviu Dragnea who is still using the system to fill his pockets while people are suffering. 


The system itself is really corrupt. There is not done a lot for the people, more for the profit. 

In the west as well..



Alexandru Dragomir "Tată"


What has been your favorite museum and the best exhibition you have been to?


It’s the „Haus der Kunst“ and it was in 2019 the „Jörg Immendorf“ exhibition. 



Why this one?


Through Immendorff I saw a different way of being an artist in Germany. He kind of opened another door in the German art scene. Talking bout the post war time in Germany, through this exhibition and topics I found many different artists, like Otto Dix, who painted a lot about the awful side of world war and the life in Germany at that time and after it. 



How do you deal with mental illness and how does it affect your work?


I don’t think it affects your work, it affects your personality. 



Don’t you think as an artist your personality is kind of your work?


Yea, for sure. 

I always fought those feelings. But now I think if you accept it you can express it through your art.

Pain can be very useful. If you can not communicate your emotions through words you can try it in a different way - in my case through painting. And that became my motivation to go on. 



But how do you deal with it?


First of all I accept it. The way I am, the ways I feel. 

My ‚Ventile‘ to communicate is my art.

Through the painting I am not talking to the whole world, but to the people who want to understand it. I create it as a diary. Who wants to read it, can read it. Who wants to find the deeper meaning, will find it. 

The colors are like a mix of medicine and meditation for me, like a healing.



Temporary healing?


Let’s see.


Whats your definition of „success“?


I think the biggest success in life is to love yourself and have a peace of mind. 

To have a peaceful relationship to your inner self. 



But in a way of working and financial aspects?


To me its to free yourself and live in the way you want. For the financial aspects as long as you can feed yourself and your dog, it’s enough. 



What worth or meaning has clothing to you?


In German we say „Kleider machen Leute.“ It’s bullshit to me. 

I never wanted to judge people by their looks. 

For me the quality and details of the clothes always played the biggest role. 

It’s like a mirror of my attitude. 



What are the next steps you gonna take?


Looking further to more exhibitions worldwide. I just want to stay focused and work with all kind of creative people and realize artistic projects. 

I think I have to work on the way I present myself and finish my catalogue. 



Last two questions: Whats your favorite movie and whats your favorite track?


My favorite movie probably is „The great dictator“ of Charlie Chaplin,  `cause to me the biggest speech of humanity is being told in this film. 


Favorite track.. thats a tough question (smiles) but I would say Jimi Hendrix „Hey Gypsy Boy" and The Doors „Riders on the storm“. I can’t chose between those two. 



Anything you want to say at end of this conversation?


„Nur die Werke meines Lebens - so wisse, dass ich weiterlebe.“