Founded August 2017 in Munich by Louis Renaud-Ziebarth.


Inspired by poetry, paintings, loneliness and my grandfathers closet. 


Clean and minimalistic with details that make sense.


 I create garments with a timeless look that will age with the person who wears them. 


High quality fabrics, handmade in Germany. 


Limited quantity. No restock. 



Why the rose?


I grew up with my grandparents a lot.

22 years ago, they planted a rose for my sister and me in their garden.

One can imagine how high it is today and with many blossoms. 


For my grandparents and me, this rose vine, was a big thing every spring, summer and fall. From growing, blooming and withering.

Over the years, as I grew, the rose vine grew as well. 


As a young boy I asked my grandfather why he cuts off the blossoms of the rose and his answer was , "You can cut a rose, but it will always grow back. You just have to take care of it”. I took this sentence as a motto. No matter how often people try to cut you off, you should always take care of yourself and grow back - better and stronger. 





I work on many different collaborations with artists and experts in their metier. 


Such as leather craftsmen, jewelry designers and artists.


If you are interested in a collaboration contact me.